Tuesday, 5 January 2016

'I'm Sorry, You Were Right'- Uche Ogbodo Apologies To Fans After Instagram Drama

Since Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo, debuted her nose ring on Instagram, lots of her fans have been firing her left, right and center over the use of such fashion accessory.

The angry fans called her ugly in different comment sections which triggered the single mother of one to throw her celebrity status to the wind and caused the living day-light out of those that posted the hateful comments.

Uche used the #F words so comfortably forgetting that she is a role model to some wanabe actresses.

However, after being tongue-lashed , Uche decided to take back her words and apologize for her outburst.

"Hi Everyone, i Wish to tender my heartfelt apology via IG Since this is where it all Started.

I am apologising only 'cos i see that my inappropriate use of the #F word in my rant has provoked & broken the hearts of my ardent Fans. I have no excuse really , i am so wrong and i have come to realise from your numerous outburst online that as a role model to many, such words are taboos in our cultural society, Pls Find it in your hearts to forgive me for this dire mistake, I promise not to , not even in the most provocative of situations Use the #F word again . Am deeply sorry this and ofcos I love you way tooooo much to break your hearts, without you my Soul Fans there will be no Me.