Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Amanda Laird Cherry At South African Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016

Get impressed by African designer Amanda Laird Cherry, as she presents her actual rock, flora and fauna collections in the annual South African Fashion Week.

She gets inspired by Table Mountain that explains her choice of designs for her collections. She also creates a mountain and floral print to give the feel of winter picnic. This season, her collection explores amazing color palette with a touch of simplicity and freshness.

JJ SCHOEMAN at South African Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016

For all the fashion newbies, JJ Schoeman is one of South Africa’s most high-profile fashion designers and his Autumn/Winter 2016 collection clearly showcases his classic yet dramatic style with the focus on cut, quality, fit and purpose. He made a perfect coat for his winter inspired collections for this season. Get ready for a beautiful and colorful glossy night as he presents his commercial ‘Clinical look’ as well!

Airing details:
“From the Runway”
January 09, Saturday 
Accra 17:00
Lagos 18:00
Port Louis 21:00
Applied to Mauritius Telecom (Channel 71), Consat (Channel 235), and ACTV (Channel 400).