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Don Jazzy Has a Crush on me – Toolz

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Toolz who is fond of interviewing celebrities on 'The Juice' was being interviewed at Rubbin' Minds on Channels TV.

On Air Personality and host of online tv Ndani, Tolu Oniru a.k.a Toolz was a guest on the X-Generation programme, 'Rubbin Minds' where she revealed that ace producer and CEO of Mavin Records, Don Jazzy actually has a crush on her.

It was time for Ebuka to unleash his usual eye-popping questions on the celebrity of the week, a segment of the programme everyone eagerly waits for, to see who will be featured.

The celebrity for this edition was Tolu Oniru popularly known as 'Toolz'.

Deep into the interview, the Nigeria X-Factor host says people actually think that she has a crush on Don Jazzy, but she claimed that it is the one time producer of D-Banj and co-owner of defunct Mo'Hits Records that has a crush on her. When she was asked to explain the relationships that she's shared with some male celebrities interviewed on her show.

Q: You mentioned earlier about people saying you interviewing someone and they end up saying you are dating, I want to call a few names and you are going to tell Yes or No, or explain whatever it is you want to explain if you did date them or not.

Toolz: Don Jazzy is my personal person, Don Jazzy is like somebody that, he thought me a lot about the industry, he's my personal person.

Q: Never dated?

Toolz: No

Toolz: People say that you now I have a crush on him, I say to you he has crush on me

Q: So you think Don Jazzy has a crush on you?

Toolz: Don Jazzy is awesome and amazing.

The On Air Personality with one of Nigeria's 21st century music radio stations, Beat FM, described Iyanya as a naturally flirtatious person and that it is one of his selling points, but she never dated him.

Q: Iyanya

Tollz: No, I don't know when that came about, when was that? When did that came about?
I don't know there was a video; you guys were in the studio together, I think some talk started from there, he did an interview with you.

Toolz: Oh there we go, no, no, no Iyanya is naturally, like naturally flirtatious and I think that's one of his selling points, but No.
She described rapper Lynxxx as her very good friend, as someone she bickers a lot with and that they are very close.

Q: Lynx

Toolz: No, Lynxxx and I are like we bicker a lot, and it's kind of like, you now the way you have a friend and he's a guy, you just, the way you kind of develop your friendship is just yap, a kind of that person like ' look at your head, look at this and everything' so that's it. We were quite close.

Don Jazzy


Genevieve Nnaji Rock $10,000 Chanel Lego Purse Bag

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Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji, on Saturday rock $10,000 Chanel Lego Purse Bag at her friends wedding In Anambra. That same Chanel Lego Purse Bag was spotted with American pop singer Rihanna.

If will convert the money into our own naira currency it will be around N1.58million.

Ngozi Ezeonu Wears New Look, Loses Weight Drastically

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The onetime beautiful, healthy and plump looking veteran actress Ngozi Ezeonu has diminished drastically. The actress who before now possessed healthy stature, which include her glittering light skin, well-nourished bodily flesh has lost considerably weight that people cannot overlook.

Going by what we discovered, the actress no longer look as healthy as she appeared in the past.

Months back, our attention was drawn to her new appearance, after she starred in a recent movie that revealed her unhealthy looks.

It was then assumed that the series of make-ups she underwent on movie set might have introduced the changes.

Her appearance at the premiere of Briefcase at Odeon Cinema (pictured below) revealed that the darling Nollywood actress has lost half of what made her the delight of many.

Picture: Ini Edo's Make Up, Hit Or Miss?

To say Ini Edo is not pretty may virtually means telling a blatant lie. Even her handsome husband, Phillip Ehiagwina will attest to the fact that he was lucky to have grabbed the Akwa-Ibom beauty from other men who were then trying to convince the star actress to say 'I do' to them.

Any day anytime, Brown Sugar, as some of her die-hard fans on call her, is surely a beauty to behold.

Recall that at the premiere of Ini Edo held in February 2012 in Lagos, reported a picture where we asked if the beautiful actress had a bad make-up day.

At a recent event also held in Lagos, the screen diva graced the occasion with her hubby. But the picture you are staring at now says many things. We would like to leave the floor open to our esteemed forumites to comment on whether Ini Edo missed or hit it with her make-up to this glamorous event.

Ice Prince Splashes Millions On Automobile

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One of Nigeria's hottest rappers, Ice Prince Zamani is now a proud owner of an expensive Bentley 'toy'. The handsome dude has now reportedly acquired a 2010 model of Bentley GT, which we learnt he got recently.

The Choc City 'golden boy', as we heard, is over-excited to have added the posh car to his list of cars in his garage. Business, as we were also informed, is going on well for the BET Awards winner.

The new 'mobile home' is said to have cost the rapper lots of millions of naira. The father of one has undoubtedly joined the big boys of the entertainment industry in Nigeria.

Acquiring expensive cars is one thing that is very common among Nigerian celebs. Most spend their fortunes on automobiles, which they cruise around with.

I Can't Act In Your Movie--Beverly Osu Replies Afrocandy

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Some hours ago, controversial actress, Afrocandy offered another controversial figure, Beverly Osu a movie role in her upcoming flick, which will most likely be a s0ft p0rn. Read It HERE

The offer by the mother of two to the recent returnee of the just concluded Big Brother Africa, The Chase game competition generated issues among fans of Beverly. It was believed that Beverly's x-rated scenes at the show may have made Afrocandy to extend the gesture to the reported ex-girlfriend of 2Shotz as stated in Afrocandy's post on Facebook.

Speaking on a radio show today (Wednesday), Beverly not only rejected Afrocandy's offer, but thanked her.

When asked if she would love to accept the offer, Beverly promptly said, 'Afrocandy nibo? No, thanks for the offer but no, I am not

Controversial Afrocandy Offers Beverly Osu Movie Role

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Controversial s0ft-p0rn star, Judith Mazagwu well known as Afrocandy, has offered the recently concluded Big Brother Africa (BBA) The Chase star, Beverly Osu a movie role in her next film production.

Afrocandy sympathised with Beverly for losing out of the competition which she described as 'mago mago'. She berated the organisers of the show for not rewarding the Nigerian with winning the game show despite the publicity Beverly gave the competition with some x-rated scenes and controversies.

Afrocandy wrote, "open call to Beverly Osu; Sorry for losing at the BBA, they did their mago mago and gave it to Dillish after all you did for them, if not for anything, they should have given it to you for all the entertainment you gave the whole of Africa for free.

"If you had put all that in a DVD, you would [have been] laughing to the Bank now. They didn't deserve you at all.

"Anyway, don't worry, I am still casting for my next movie and I can already see you got all it takes to partake in my kind of productions, (guts, the heart and the ability to get nak3d and have s*x in public without giving a crap). So babe, bring your s3xy self to me and let's get to work ASAP.

"My phones will be on and I'll be waiting for your response."


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It was to my greatest consternation when the news broke that a little boy of 15 years, Daniel Ihekina beat the security of Arik Air and FAAN in Benin to hide under the tyre compartment of an Arik aircraft en route to lagos.

According to reports, the young boy's aim was to join the aircraft which he hoped was heading to America, with claims that he wanted to leave the country because he was maltreated by his parents, but unfortunately it was en route to Lagos.

There was however pandemonium at the air side of the lagos airport when passengers alighting from the aircraft saw the teenager as he emerged from the aircraft tyre hole to join the passengers who boarded the aircraft. He was immediately arrested by security officials for investigation on how he accomplished the mysterious feat.

The situation which has become a major source of worry has lead to war of words between FAAN and Arik over the security lapses that lead to the ugly incidence.

The arrest of the young boy and the war of words between FAAN and Arik make me wonder why Nigerians are found of prescribing medicine after death. Had this young boy been a terrorist with bomb, it could have become another case of a terrorist attack on a Nigerian aircraft. Read it HERE

This is not the time to lay blames and throw stones but a time to beef up security. Let this incidence prove to security officials in the country and the government that there is a great lope hole in the nation's security irrespective of the claim of it being beefed up.

The case of the stowaway kid shows how porous Nigeria's security has been all the while to the incessant attack of the islamic sect, Boko Haram. The ingenuity of the young boy should be praised and instead of punish him, he should be groomed by the security officials he is under their custody for a positive use of his guts and ingenuity to the develpoment of the country.

Nigerian Pastors & Christianity, Plunging The Nation Into Total Destruction?

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I always wonder how Nigerian pastors have turned themselves into sacred cows or a demi-gods that should not be touched all because of a part of the Scripture that says 'touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm.'

I ask myself, does that mean that even if a pastor is caught doing wrong, he should not be castigated because he is a man of God? Then, who now is 'man of Devil'?

The Europeans brought Christianity to us but we have become masters of the religion more than the original owners. Do you call that excellence? The recent controversies surrounding two men of God lately really baffled me and made get scared for their tamed members, who still follow them blindly.

One thing pastors quickly work on their members is the mind. Once they capture that, the rest is history. It is like 'seek first the (gullible) mind of the people and every other thing shall be added to it'. At that point, they can twist the Bible to suit themselves and made the members do their wishes. Or, how do you imagine people still throng a church after its leader beats members with the cane? How do you explain the massive turn out to a church in Lagos after human parts were allegedly found in the pastor's premises shortly after he died?

In every corners of Lagos, you find churches, yet, we are not better people than the destroyed people of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Holy Book. I know of a small street in Ilasa area of Lagos where there are 12 churches on it. It is only in Nigeria you have more churches than shops and stores.

The problem of Nigeria is mainly our religious leaders, which I will limit to Christian leaders because that's my faith. Politicians confidently steal our money because they know our pastors will fast and pray for them and even beg God on their behalf (politicians) to build a shield around them so that our curses won't affect them.

They only come to the altar to castigate politicians but praise them behind after hands must have rubbed hands. Some who openly castigate them will still go behind to get a chunk of the national cake. People Deceiving Pastors?

One thing our pastors have failed to understand is that they are not Elijah, Elisha and others of old, who the 'touch not my anointed passage was made for. These people, in their time, boldly told political leaders to their faces the real truth. How many of our pastors can boldly tell our politicians of today that 'thus says the Lord, ....' and they (politicians) tremble?

With the way things are going religiously in Nigeria, I doubt if we are not heading to destruction as a nation. And if such happens, our pastors should be held responsible for it. Pastors are stealing our money with the help of politicians, pastors are having carnal knowledge with both male and female members and twisting their minds to hide under the act. What a shame! Well, God is watching. I just hope the people of Sodom and Gomorrah won't petition God for destroying them and leaving Nigeria to continue this way.

Pastors tell members to store their treasures in heaven, while they (pastors) go about buying expensive cars, houses and properties. Hmm, Fela already said it some years ago.

I wish to write more, but will pause for now. I await when the religious revolution will happen in Nigeria

Supremacy Battle Between MBGN's Anna, Miss Bayelsa's Harriet

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The latest from the beauty pageant organized by the Silverbord Group led by Ben Bruce might not have been heard. The newly crowned Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Anna Ebiere Banner is a daughter of the soil. The Pageant organizers are from Bayelsa, the event that gave automatic employment to Banner as a Special Adviser to the governor was also held in Bayelsa the oil rich State.

For the records, another beauty pageant Miss Bayelsa 2013 was held before that of the MBGN. The event presents Edide Harriet, a model, actress and entrepreneur as winner. The beautiful lady popularly referred as Her Royal Majesty, Queen Edide and the MBGN's Queen Banner are said to be having clash of supremacy over who rules in the state as the authentic queen.

While Edide is claiming to be the true queen of the soil, Queen Banner's aide, we learnt, said it's not true that their queen is the real queen and special adviser for that matter.

From the look of things, it's not likely that the two 'royalty' clash will be doused soon, as the two queens reside in the state. Though, the twobeautiful leggy queens of beauty are said to relate cordially, however, there are aides, as we gathered, are not helping matter as they are said to be nurturing grudges against each other over who controls Bayelsa State.

Let's hope the appropriate authorities step into this issue soonest.

Queen Harriet was born on May 14th 1992, she hails from Odi in Kolokuma/Opokuma, Bayelsa State. Her hobbies include: cooking, watching movies, traveling, shopping, reading and sleeping. She is from a family of 8, 6 girls, 2 boys, she is the 5th child. She attended Igbeita Primary School odi as well as her secondary school before enrolling for her university degree in Bayelsa.

The MBGN 2013 winner, Anna Ebiere banner, had been Miss Abuja, Miss Kaduna, Miss Imo, Miss Bayelsa & Miss Adamawa. Anna will represent Nigeria at the Miss World beauty pageant to be held September 28 in Indonisia.

''i regret not settling our differences'' - Tope Alabi speaks on prophet Ajanaku's death

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Tope Alabi is currently on a missionary journey to Canada when the news that Prophet Ajanaku was dead. She confirmed this, saying that she regretted not settling their dispute before his demise.

Quoting her;

''I am currently in canada where i am ministering and will go to new york from here. I was sad when i heard the story and it saddened me that we didn't settle before his demise. If i had known, we would have sorted out our differences''

Genevieve Nnaji's Skin: Black Or White?

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Unlike Tonto Dikeh who has damaged her skin with all kinds of bleaching cream, the mother of one, Genevieve Nnaji sure has a superb skin colour but recently something seems to be wrong somewhere.

These pictures revealed the star actress, Genevieve Nnaji and Dr Sid taken recently during the Wedding of Ukay Onwugbenu and Fred Oramalu in London. The event held on Saturday had other top Nigerian entertainers in attendance.

The second picture is Genny's beautiful posture at the African Magic Viewers Choice Awards which held earlier this year. Now, you can see a slight change in her skin; is she following the way of Tonto or what? Or she just want to remain black and white, Probably the make-up and lightning of the flash?

The Exit Of Don Jazzy's Touch Depreciates D'banj 'Hit' Value

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In a bid to up his game in the entertainment industry after the separation from his former partner, Don Jazzy, D'banj revoked as ordered by his G.O.O.D Music boss, Kanye West, and he finally moved to the USA where he's said to have turned the studio his second home; always churning out series of songs so as to catch the fancy of his fans and label boss.

Unfortunately, Eja Nla, as Dapo is also called, has not been able to surpass any of the songs Don Jazzy's touches were then as a team. None of the songs he's churned out since breaking up with Mo'Hit has been reckoned with to be a monster as he was known to be when under Mo'Hit.

His latest single 'Don't Tell Me Nonsense' has greatly been ridiculed by music pundits, never minding the hype given to it to launch him back into the list of hit makers whether deserving or not.

“Truth is, Dbanj has lost that hit factor he is known for. The fiddle lyrics of the song shows that instead of advancing musically like he did in songs like Why Me, Gbono Feli Feli, Suddenly, Fimile Remix, Oliver Twist, just to mention a few, he is depreciating,” an entertainment critic informs us.

There's no doubting the fact that Don Jazzy's professional touch is missing in his life. I guess we keep our fingers crossed for a possible reunion of the two music greats.

Tonto Dikeh Regrets Romancing Cigarettes…Finds It Hard To Stop

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That smokers are liable to die young said by surgeons is actually true, in fact, the death might not be at once but gradually. For the weird actress, Tonto Dikeh, hers may start from her teeth as she recently posted a picture of her teeth that has been damaged by her romancing with cigarettes and weeds.

Well, now that she is realizing the effect of taking it, maybe she will quit but it's been so difficult for her to do.

She stated on her Instagram, "see what tobacco has done to my teeth."

Mercy Johnson's Behind: Offside Or Not? (Picture)

Click for Full Image SizeMercy Johnson, fondly called Mercy J, recently posted a picture of herself showing her backside to the world to feast on. The mother of one, though we can't confirm, may be 'advertising' her robust 'behind' and telling some those who care to know that they can only wish because it (her backside) belongs only to her husband, Odi Okogie.

Well, that's not the matter for today. But wait a minute, is Mercy Johnson's 'bakassi' sexy or not; offside or not?

Mercy Aigbe 'Photo-see-tenses'On Instagram!

Give it to her anytime; Mercy Aigbe is one of the few A-List Yoruba actresses that have carved a niche for herself when we talk about relevance on social media network.

The mother of two recently dropped some hot pictures on her instagram and they are indeed blowing hot! Like the proverbial saying that pictures don't lie, Mercy, has truly revealed that she is suffering from a disease called 'Photo-see-tenses' made a difference trying to position herself as number one actress who is has a troubled by a disease called 'Photo-see-tenses'. She sure knows how to combine photo with tenses only on her Instagram.

OJB's house demolished

Ailing music producer, Babtunde Okunbowa a.k.a OJB Jezreel has finally travelled abroad for his transplant and few days before he left, his No 4, Gbaja street, Surulere lagos flat was demolished by his landlord.

OJB would no longer live at the residence if he returns from india. The only building in the premises that housed OJB's home and studio was demolished by the original owners of the property. Reasons due to the fact that OJB has already packed out and the property owners decided to build more flats in the compound.

Currently there is a block of flats under construction.