MTN free browsing/Downloading is here again. The MTN Jumia free browsing is an offer given by MTN to its users. And this Jumia free browsing can merely be used to access the Jumia app only. But today we’re going to be teaching you on how to use it to power on other apps on your androiddevice(s). So the tutorial goes beneath..
How To Activate The Free Browsing
Here will be our starting point.. And what you have to do is to pick up your phone and SMS the word Jumapp to 131 and the next steps go beneath..
How To Power On The Free Browsing
This step will require a app/s settings and please pay a heed to this configuration settings because any slight mistake made here will result to errors. Note: One settings should be picked here (chose one between the two settings). And before move to the next step download any of your choice app beneath and use the appropriate settings that follows..
° Download Psiphon Handler Here
° Download Simple Server (Old Version) Here
For Psiphon Users
Set your MTN APN settings as:
Proxy: blank
Port: blank

Open your Psiphon handler
Under Proxy type select ‘‘real host”
Under Proxy server type in
Then leave others and save.
Then click on Option => More option. Under “proxy settings”’ check the “connect through an HTTP Proxy” box.
Mark Use the following settings
Host Address:
Port: 8080
For Simple Server Users
Now set your MTN APN settings as:
Port: 8080
Listen port = 8080
Tick the proxy box there
proxy host =
proxy port = 8080
Enable injection box
Injection method = get
Injection query/url =
Injection host =
Injection line = press enter button 4 times