Monday, 29 April 2013

Stella/Daniel's Marriage Rumour: 'Now, I'm Vindicated--Wunmi Obe Speaks

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It was never hidden to Stella Damasus that Wunmi Obe wasn't on the same page with her while she was married to Jaiye Aboderin. Wunmi Obe, who is married Tunde Obe, was the sister of late Jaiye.

Reports then suggested that Wunmi was against his brother marrying the actress. The reason, as reported then, wasn't far-fetched, a believe by Wunmi that Stella was allegedly cheating on late Jaiye while they were married.

Few days ago, Stella turned 35 and to celebrate the day for her, blogs reported that she secretly married ex-hubby of fellow actress, Doris Simeon, Daniel Ademinokan.

The 'innocent looking' actress reacted to the story which she indirectly claimed she isn't married to Daniel as speculated.

Shortly after, Wunmi tweeted what seems to be very suggestive about her then reported notion about Stella while Jaiye was married to the actress.

She tweeted, "vindicated at last! Jaiye, it's over. Sleep on, brother."

The tweet was reacted to by many who thought the post was directed at Stella. She later denied Stella being the target of the tweet.