Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Nigeria (Jim Ike) Fires Back At Ghana Over Who Is Sexier

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If readers will remember, we published a story in which promising Ghanaian actor Leo Mensah strongly posited and we quote; “Ghanaian Actors Are Sexier than Nigerian Actors.”

Though we at think the battle over who is sexier is not important, some Ghanaian and Nigerian movie stars also think otherwise.

Some weeks back, Ghanaian actor Leo Mensah revealed to a section of the media that, Nigerian actors might be better than Ghanaian actors, but when it comes to who is sexier, Ghanaian actors stand taller than Nigerian actors.

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Leo Mensah was bold enough to mention names like Ramsey Nouah, Jim Ike and a few others as Nigerian actors who are not too sexier.

In a reply to this debate, Jim Ike told that Ghanaian actor Leo Mensah might rather be a joker to say that Ghanaian actors are sexier than Nigerian actors.

“Who is Leo Mensah? I don't think he really know the definition of sexy or sexiness.” Jim Ike made fun of Leo Mensah.Lol!

Compare the picture of Leo Mensah and Jim Iyke and judge for yourself who is sexier or which of them has the audacity to speak on sexiness…….