Sunday, 3 January 2016

Word Of The Lord For 2016 By Apostle Paul Okikijesu Received From The Lord God On December 19, 2015

Thus says the Lord of host, I am the true God and I do not change, says the Lord of hosts. The world and heaven will pass away, but not an iota of My Word will go unfulfilled. I am the One that is called “I AM”, and I am the One that sent My voice in the burning bush. I am the One that sent My voice when the 

wilderness is being consumed by fire, but there was no visible sign of damage. I am the One that manifested on the first day in the gully of the heaven when there is neither this world nor any human being residing in it. When the Spirit is roaming on the seas/waters, it is I, says the Lord. The covenant that I had with the mountain and the land together with the one I had for mankind, I never change. I am the Lord that never betray covenant. I always observe the covenant that I had with forefathers of Christianity and I never betray it. My name is Jehovah El-Shaddai, the Creator of the heaven and the universe.

This world is a spiritual guest and can be compared to a cane. This world is like a market place that every living creature will come to transact business after which they will return home. I descended into this location and brought countless hosts of heaven to fill the surrounding. My kingdom is true and I am a Supreme Being that is holy and I want the whole world including my ambassadors to be Holy. The reason is that My mansion, My throne, My kingdom, how I walk, how I speak, and everything about Me is holy. Majority of the elderly Christians that slept in the Lord, it is a pity that they cannot enter the glorious home because of what they are holding in their palms spiritually and what is residing in their hearts before death. Also Satan has stolen/take away the covenant that I utilized in calling them. They are looking at the glorious home from a distant/far place, but they cannot come in.

I am talking about the brave people in Christianity that people are using their names to pray. Most of them died/slept and were not admitted into the glorious home. The reason was the prince of this world fought against their calling and defeated their “Call”. He overcame their call through the lustful things of this world. It is a pity that while the Gospel is spreading across the globe, iniquities too are multiplying at a faster rate to the extent that it has been entrenched in people’s lives. There are increment in the numbers of the murderers, the disobedients, and the children of hell fire. How can we separate the chaff from the wheat in the Church? Though I said let the wheat and the chaff grow together, when it is harvest time we will separate the chaff from the wheat.

What most people do not realize is that the wedding of the Lamb is near (at hand). The wives should have finished their preparation, but it is a pity that some that started on a good footing were derailed by Satan when it remains a little time for them to receive the glorious crown. The Devil took away their crowns, therefore, it is not those that started, but those that endure till the end that will be saved. The Devil himself has limited time to spend, says the Book of Revelation. Even the Death that is killing people has limited time because the Death itself will die. I am worried about the world that it seems that war wants to take over, pitching one country against the other. The world is a market place: This world signified two things; first this world is a market place whereby people transact their businesses. Secondly, it is been referred to by the forces of darkness as “Akamara”. Humans are sojourners in this world; no matter how long we live in this world, we will return home one day. It is then that the deeds of every soul shall follow them, either good or bad. Any soul that is dead has come to the end of his/her journey, nevertheless, whoever is alive should be prepared in order to be successful at the end of his/her period in this world. The world is winning the Christians: Christians should note that the Muslims and the gentiles honor their gods more than them. They are making preparations to win the Christians into their folds.

Christians did not think deeply about the event that is happening to the spiritual ship of the world because, they have mingled with the world. I look around the whole world from My Kingdom, what I see in the churches are music/songs. Though I love songs, that why Satan who know the secret is using this channel to get the attention of My Kingdom every time. Nowadays, Satan is using music/songs to put people in spiritual bondage. Song that did not honour Me, meaningless songs, and songs that has nothing to do with My Kingdom.

Sin continues to rise despite the afflictions: Do I need to cause panic in the world for people to change and worship Me? I have afflicted the world with various diseases still people did not learn from the sicknesses. Then, I said what else can I do? Then I placed a mark on the course of the sun so that whenever the sun rises some illness will be descending into this world spiritually. Same thing goes for the rain; whenever it rains, some ailments are coming to this earth with the rain. This punishment is enough for the world, but still they remain adamant.

The Son of Man is ready to come: Different types of Spirits like marine spirits, contrary spirits, spirit of the firmament etc., are ruling and reigning in peoples’ lives, most especially those who call themselves the priests of God. It is these evil spirits that makes them to commit errors and deceive the world. Read the book of Revelation 16; it will be clear that I am coming to this world with panic and severe judgment. I am patient because those that worship/serve Me in spirit and in truth shall reign with Me, says the Lord.

I have concluded that I will use fire to test the work of the world because I have planned the return of Son of Man and the angels are ready. Divine meeting in heaven about this world: What city or country will I be that they will edify the truth? I have not seen any country in the world. Meetings, advises and assembly is going on presently in heaven regarding this issue. The elders the Cherubims and Seraphims, Michael the arch angel, Gabriel and Raphael, all of them gather before My throne. What can I do, do I destroy this present world? Abba Father, says the Lamb of God: I am move to tears on My throne, says the Lord.

What type of judgment does this world deserve? The elders that are around My throne bow their heads in grieve, saying that who else can we send to assist Holy Spirit in the world because people are trying to destroy the work of Almighty God in this world. Even the Cherubim and the Seraphim with their four wings, they use two of their wings to cover their faces and the other two wings to fly. “Hear what they are saying “Lord You are worthy to receive glory while the Seraphims are saying “Holy, Holy, Holy to the Lord who was and who will be in existence when the world will be no more. All of them bow their heads; they are shaking their heads saying “One Eye Being that looks at millions of places at the same time. One Arm Being that is directing the affairs of millions of places at the same time. Why don’t you rise up, Lord? because the world is turning upside down spiritually and people are investigating Your spiritual work, while intentionally provoking Your wrath by touching Your spiritual sword.

There are seven elders that have eyes throughout their bodies and some of them have seven horns, while some has four eyes, they too are saying O’ Lord how are we going to solve this issue? It is a pity or are we going to send the Lamb of God the second time? Then a voice came from heaven saying Abba Father, I have sacrificed My blood, I have used/surrendered My body for the salvation of the whole world.

Lord, look at My hand look at My side. Lord, look at My head and my legs. Lord, look at everything done to Me, despite the fact that I did not commit any sin leaving the world. Then the elders bow their heads saying “glory be to You God”. You that loved Your beloved. The Name of Jesus: You human being, it is a pity because the Lamb of God is roaring like wounded lion presently in the heavens. Many people have changed the doctrine of His Name and they have turned it to a mocking name. The name of Jesus Christ has turned to the name that the witches/wizards mentioned for fun. The Name that is above all names is being ridicule, why is it that the name is not working for people again?

God’s questions to mankind: Human beings, it is a pity, but will I meet Christianity faith when I return to this world? • Will I see staunch faith in the lives of the people that called themselves My ambassadors in the world?

• Will I meet faith in the lives of people that are praying on the mountain and the household of Christianity?

• Will I meet people who have spiritual light for the end time?

• Will I see people that I can call for the end-time revival/crusade? Churches Worldwide Church Relationship with Holy Spirit: I was moved to tears regarding certain churches because they are turning the world upside down spiritually and there is no truth in those churches. Many of these churches and the world did not give honour to whom it is due; they did not respect the Holy Spirit. It is only the Holy Spirit that can explain/analyze your prayer and words/conversations better in My presence says the Lord, that created the heaven and the universe (Romans 8:26). How can people receive favor from the Holy Spirit that they dislike and dishonor?

The teachings of most Churches: 1. Have made people to neglect the Holy Spirit while honoring vanities of this world. 2. They are honoring the teaching/study that came from their thoughts that can not uphold anybody’s life. They held on to something that when the spiritual storm comes it will take away quickly. They have completely forgotten that it is the Spirit that keeps one alive, the carnal/flesh has no reward (John 6:63). Those churches will be mentioned the next time I descended from My heavenly throne. If such churches don’t change after this second warning, what will happen to them shall surpass that of the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah, says the Lord of hosts.

The ship of salvation has tilted: I, the Ancient of Days, I am worried. Who are the people that I will use to raise the ship of salvation? Presently, the Spiritual ship of salvation has tilted towards one side and the passengers are about to fall into the ocean. Who are the brave that will support the pillars of the ship so that it will not shipwreck? Anyone who did not have Holy Spirit cannot support the ship. Many people are preoccupy with their carnal thoughts, ambitions, and desires which makes it impossible for them to come near the ship or supporting the ship that is about to wreck. Strange Children: I raised the kids for My work, but Satan used this as an opportunity to deceive the world.

• Some babies were born with oracle.
• While some are born with cowries.
• Few are born with Koran while few have Arabic writing on their body at birth. • And even some are born with other things, in order to deceive the world. Satan is very cunning and crafty. Can anyone in the world that is created in My image know the mystery of My work? No matter how wise men are, they can never know the mystery of My work because My work is unsearchable. I establish my covenant on the oceans; people feel the breeze, but no one knows its origin. That is the typical example of everyone born of the spirit.

666 Mark and Tattoo:
Some pastors’ children have put tattoo signs on their bodies, which is the example of the end time mark which Satan has permitted in his kingdom that anyone with tattoo mark has the grace to receive boarding pass to Hell fire at the end of the world (Leviticus 19:28). No matter how small the tattoo sign, once it is on the body and it is visible to people, such people’s file has been written together with their spiritual ticket to Hell fire, because it is the end-time 666 mark. Pastors’ Children: Many children of the priests have these tattoo marks and they are encouraging others to follow suit because of their belief that people wants/needs money, since it is the vehicle for the propagation of the Gospel which they have in abundance. These children of the Shepherds have forgotten that they will leave this world one day: • Some of them even patronize hotels where they get involved in immoral activities. • They are the ones singing songs that don’t glorify God and cut/barb/style their hair in ways that dishonor God. • They do everything that is against the doctrines of Christianity. All these things are happening in the Christendom and their parents did not put the children in check or rectify the situation. The belief of the pastors/parents of these children is, if they correct/discipline them the children may refuse to come home. Whoever knows the truth, but refuses to speak when the judgment comes, both the sinner and the person that knows the truth and did not speak out shall be punished together. Prayer Mountains: Most of the prayer Mountains that people are patronizing, I am not there anymore.

In fact, I have lifted My throne from these Mountains. The reasons are that: • they turned My work to business ventures, • They turned the mountains to house of filth and charms; • Some turned the mountains to house of the initiation. • While others turn it to the house of magic, in order to deceive the beloved. It is a pity that majority of the Prayer Mountains that are respected and patronized by the people, I Almighty God am not there.

The Prayer Mountains that I the Lord honored and always manifest My glory, are not the ones patronized by lots of people. The reason is, any mountain that does not have large crowd, people don’t believe that God is reigning there. People evaluate the presence of God by the number of people that are on that mountain.

These people are blind spiritually because of the abominable things in their minds. Furthermore, anyone that uses this assessment lacks understanding and they always harden their hearts. End-Time Revival: Though lots of people are praying for the end time revival, but do they have My spirit and authority in their church? Everybody is so much concern about their ambitions; they neglect My Word and Holy Spirit. My people, if anyone fail to do what is expected of him/her, such person shall be asked question/explanation regarding such issue.

People neglect God’s work because of wealth/riches the vanity of this world, something that will perish one day. Those that have the opportunity including internet facilities, but did not use them on time (or at all) for the work of God will have much explanation to make at the end time. Many people said, Christianity without work is dead, it is true, but, listen to the song of a musician that says “Let us work for our King, let us work King of heaven, this world we are living is not ours, let us work in order to receive glorious crown”. My Kingdom is true; it is whatever you sow that you will reap. If you sow immorality, pride and hostility that is what you will reap. Your physical body is leased to you; it does not belong to you.

The lessor will ask for it at the end time. What belongs to Me in human’s life is the soul; it is only the soul that will come to Me, Almighty God. The soul will narrate your stewardship in the land of the living. Also it is only your baptismal name that I will use to call you at the end time and not your family’s name. I called Abraham, I did not ask for his family name; therefore, there won’t be any excuse at the end time. On that great day, every soul will appear before the judgment throne. On that day it is your spiritual head and your image/shadow that will witness against every person which will make it impossible for every soul to tell lies about their journey in the world. It is a pity, who will go into these churches to say the truth. They have sacrificed the lives of the youth of these churches that are useful for the end time glory; they have spilled their blood to better their lives. They have wasted the lives of these youths in these churches and their souls are petitioning Me that people tormented and terminated our lives in our prime. In some cases they have initiated the youths of these churches. Who will tell the truth?

Who will I raise to rectify the situation? Though I have sent messages to these churches to change, but they harden their hearts. These nine churches are spiritual generations of Pharaoh; they are presently tormenting the world. They twisted the truth and continue to deceive people.

1. I have sent messages to the leaders of one of the churches whereby he is taking rectification steps concerning himself, but he did not tell the truth to everybody to change. What he has forgotten is that when My judgment starts, it will start from him (the leader) that is selfish enough not to tell the subordinates about the truth.

2. Among the leaders of these churches, some tell the truth, but the deputies/congregation are against the truth because of vanities of this world like money, post/position and pleasure. They distort the word of God, neglect the word of God, and are mocking the Holy Spirit.

3. Some among these church leaders says there is nothing called the Holy Spirit. Another leader told the congregation to continue in sin because Jesus Christ has paid the debt of sin on the Cross. There are some people in this world that stated that they will see their forth generation. Have you seen the end of this generation yet? says the Lord. It is the same thoughts that were in the lives of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah until they perish. The people of Amalek did not see any other generation. Jehovah Wanyonyi of Kenya: There is a man in Kenya with about seventy (70) wives. This man has lots of children and he proclaimed that he is God which means after him there is no other person. Will God copulate with women?

This man arrogated spiritual power to himself to the extent that he declares that there is no sickness he cannot cure. From My heavenly throne, I look at him who has established himself as god; I examine what type of power is in his life that he is using to deceive people. People fear and honour this particular man. Then I said, what can I do to this man so that people will fear Me. My people, it is only a mosquito bite that killed this self proclaim powerful man. It is just a minor sickness, which ends the life of the man that called himself God. The man that threatens to deal with whomever that neither fears nor honours him, including the ruling/political parties.

This man has passed away. The Nine Churches: I will mention the churches, though I have sent messages to their leaders. I will send another message and if they refuse to change this time around My judgement will come upon them. I sent messages to Solomon through dream; I gave him wisdom, knowledge and understanding plus wealth, but in his old age his wife made him to bow before idol. The mistakes of humans are not hidden before me and heaven is the witness of people’s conduct. I came to him in his dream that I will take the governance of the tribes of Israel from him because he betrayed My covenant. Though Solomon wept bitterly, but I did not listen to him.

He asked me how/when will this happen, and I replied that this will happen after his demise. I told him that you are rich in this world, but you are nothing in My kingdom. That is why when somebody is walking with me, I will be patient with such person because I don’t like people to stumble/fall before Me. Furthermore I am patient for people to repent because I don’t want any soul to perish. Nebuchadnezzar exhibit signs of pride in his heart and I turned him to animal (Daniel 4:29-34).

Also Manasseh because of his hypocrisy was hauled to exile with hook (2 Chronicles 33:10-13). These nine churches their issues are worrying Me and I am angry. House of God is not a business center: Many ambitious pastors, even turn the house of God to marketplace; just like how it happened in the Temple at Jerusalem and I sent them packing. People/pastors have turned My work to business ventures and turn My altar to place of bloodshed where those with contrary powers have easy access to enter. Who are the people that I will use to save the world? Pope Francis of Catholic Church: I sent messages to the Pope and he amended his ways, but he is afraid to tell his subordinates the truth because he did not want them to kill him.

• Why is it that you fear human that Me, says the Lord of hosts.

• Why can’t you say the truth in the assembly of people or say the truth publicly? Presently, people are polluting the Catholic Church by changing the doctrines of Catholic Church. I am talking about the high ranking people in the Church that are receiving/acquiring contrary powers. If they refuse to change, I will send another message to them. Pastor T.B. Joshua of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations: I have sent messages to him, says the Lord, but instead of changing his dubious ways, he is after the person that God used to deliver the message.

It is for this reason that I show him sample in order to know that I am the Lord. So that the prophesy of Apostle Okikijesu will come to pass in his life that why I gave him the warnings. Rev Chris Oyakhilome of Believers' Loveworld Incorporated: He is so stubborn and he is misleading lots of people. I have sent messages to him, but he refuses to change. Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo of Kingsway International Christian Centre: I have sent messages to him to change, but he is adamant. I saw his prophesy.

How do I Almighty God prophesied through you? Is it through your head or spirit, says the Lord? He should beware of the word of his mouth that is deceiving people. Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners' Chapel: I sent messages to him, but he refuses to change. Pastor Lazarus Muoka of The Lord's Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement.: I have warned him to change and abstain from covenant of bloodshed, but he is adamant. He must change from his fraudulent ways and use the teachings of the Lord to feed his flock and desist from storytelling.

Dr D.K.Olukoya of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries: I have warned him to think deeply regarding his deputies so that they will not deceive him to death. I asked him to change totally to Me, says the Lord. Cherubim & Seraphim: I sent messages to them, but they refused to tell the truth. Pastor William Kumuyi of Deeper Life Bible Church: I sent messages to him whereby I asked him to change. I directed him to tell the congregation at Deeper Life Ministry the truth and stop/prevent anything that can cause lack of understanding of the truth.

Though he has started taking steps in the right direction, but whatever he has done is little. I want the implementation of My messages, says the Lord of hosts because I detest laziness. Christ Apostolic Church: I send message to the people of/in authority in the church for them to bring forth fruit of unity. They should desist from the spiritual journey that is causing the weariness in people’s faith in CAC. They should return to their first love and the power that I used to bring forth church plus integration. Anyone that thinks he is powerful without making necessary amendments, I Almighty God will use fire to test his work in year 2016.

Salvational ship is about to shipwreck: This year 2016 will be warnings and judgment for the churches. For those that rectify their ways the year will be resolution, while it will be revolution for those that refuse to change. I am not happy with the events that are happening all over the world says the Lord of hosts. The spiritual salvational ship is about to shipwreck; the banana of the church is overripe and falling down. Who are the people that will take care of the banana so that it won’t be falling again? When will the aforementioned people listen and act on the truth? When are they going to change and turn to Me? says the Lord. Whatever one knows how to consume might lead to one’s death. Why is it that these people did not follow My directives?

What I need from these people is change of heart. They should teach/preach about the kingdom of God that will change the world in its entirety and empower the youth, says the Lord of hosts. I send this message to all the aforementioned churches and their leaders. I said they should empower the youth because their leaders are stinking to Me and their conducts did not change the souls of the sheep in the world. The ambitions of the elders in these churches are post/position, downfall of their leaders and they mingle with the darkness to acquire contrary powers.

If these people remain adamant and did not follow my instructions, 2016 will be a revolution year for them. Nevertheless, those for that fear Me, have faith and welcome Holy Spirit in their lives, the year 2016 will be a year of resolution. Terrorists Plans for all nations The terrorists have elaborated plans of how they will use planes to bomb several countries. Therefore, every nation must be at high alert. Nigeria It is the prayer that upholds Nigeria because there are multitude of blood shed and sins like: glutton, fornication/adultery. Homosexuality is even common among the people of authority in Nigeria. Lesbianism is common among the governors’ wives and powerful women in the nation. Look at what impact the wealth have in the lives of these people.

Things that will one day be left behind when they die. How can the wayward leaders correct the youth not to do/act according to their lifestyles? If the head is bad, it will certainly affect other parts of the body. Nigeria’s case is like a K legged person, that people said the load on your head is not balance. He called the attention of the people to observe him from his leg, which means it is caused by the defective bone structure (K leg). The origin of Nigeria: The beginning/source of Nigeria, it is only Nigeria and Sudan that did not change their colonial names because the covenant that brought Nigeria out, listen to hear the story. There is a white couple that lived in Nigeria for a long period of time. It is from this couple that the name of the country came to be.

The name of the man is Lord Lugard; and the name Nigeria was derived from the source of curses and filth. Furthermore this couple did not have any children, but the curses are afflicting the Nigerians, that is why Nigerians love idolatry. What day will Nigeria change from the covenant of bloodshed and covenant of idolatry? When will they believe that somebody have power over this world and stop honoring humans more than God, or lesser gods that cannot do anything? They respect and honor the contrary gods that cannot uphold the heaven and those little gods that I can destroy, says the Lord. Nigerians have forgotten that this world is a market place and they will leave it one day. I will continue when next I descend on Monday 12/21/15. I have sent messages that I Almighty God will pass through the nation in year 2015 with fire; The nation has sin against Me, says the Lord, but this coming year 2016 is a powerful year. Things will be easy for those that fear Me, while things will be difficult for these that did not fear Me. Natural Disasters: There will be deaths of brave people in 2016.

There will be rampant loss of lives due to: Diseases, rain and flood. Fire will wreck havoc and the storm that can swallow building will ruin properties. My judgment will pass through the nation and suddenly take away the lives of whoever intends to oppress others. 2016 Nigeria will have liberty from wherever she is bonded spiritually, that means Nigeria will be free from the enslavement. I will achieve this goal in an unsearchable way, says the Lord. 2016 will be year of revolution and resolution. If the people in authority fail to bring forth fruit that is worthy of repentance, and the fruit of fear of Me, the Lord. If they participate in bloodshed or have spiritual covenant with bloodshed, then bitter judgment and powerful hand will come upon those people.

This particular hour, every dishonest person in the government, both the past or ex government officials and those in the present administration will be judged severely. My covenant will pass over whoever handles My kingdom forcefully and put My people in bondage, says the Lord. Year 2016 is a powerful year and not a year of jokes. Muslims: Many among the Muslims have used corruption, murder, dirt and filth to destroy their faith which displeases Me, says the Lord. I will use fire to test their work in 2016. If they refuse to change from their nauseous activities, tell the truth and change to Me. I repeat, I will use fire to test their work.

Kings/Traditional Rulers: I sent My messages to the kings/rulers. The spiritual covenant fell upon the stubborn among the rulers, and kill them. I sent my messages to many of the kings/rulers that if they did not change they will die in 2015. My word came to pass because many of the kings/rulers that are well known and famous have passed away. I sent messages to Emir of Kano, Sultan of Sokoto and others, the stubborn among them that did not change, I terminated their lives. The rest of them must speak the truth and worship Me, the Lord in truth, if they refuse to follow My instructions, I will use fire to test them. The late Oni of Ife: I sent my messages to king Sijuade, Olubuse II, that I need a change of his heart, and he must not participate in things that can afflict the populace. I also instructed him not to engage in any political activity, but he was adamant.

I warned him that if he does not change he will die. He took the messages as a joking matter, but today, he is dead. Nigerian Politician: I said somebody will contest as gubernatorial candidate and win the election, but died suddenly afterwards. Boko Haram: The issue of Boko Haram is getting more and more difficult; even the armed forces are finding it tough to contain their activities despite the fact that they put in their best. Why don’t they allow the brave in the Christianity to pray regarding bloodshed in the nation? If the government can take this step; to gather those that have the power of Holy Spirit, those that are filled with My fear and not the corrupt pastors/priests. It is then that the case of Boko Haram will turn to history in Nigeria. They will pray to Me the Lord to use the covenant that I utilized to annihilate the Amalekites to pass through Nigeria. The covenant I used to battle the Egyptians of the olden days to work and solve Nigeria’s problem. It is then that there will be peace in the nation.

You want bloodshed to stop in the country, but you the leaders continue to shed the blood of innocent people and you want, Me the Lord, to extinguish the fire of bloodshed? Nigerian Presidential villa (Aso Rock): Great revival is coming to Aso Rock, so says the Lord. If this did not happen you will not recognize Me as God. United States of America: Though I love America, but sin continues to multiply. Various forms of iniquities are spreading from America to the four corners of the world. The Christian are angry, saying, why is it that multitude of sin originates from America? America is a land flowing with milk and honey; also it is one of My beloved nation.

Why can’t the Americans retrace their steps and go back to the motto given to them, which is the first love that I used to uplift America. Why do they listen to deceiving spirits, spirit of futility and spirits of lies that are baseless, that can be uprooted from time to time. Why didn’t the Americans return to the covenant that I used to call the land which is “In God we trust”? Why are they against this voice and they are reproaching it, trying to change the voice to “In Satan we trust” America must bear the fruit that is worthy of repentance so that the spiritual generation of hell fire and the disgruntled people will not destroy America, says the Lord of hosts. They are presently in America and they are ready to cause misunderstanding among the populace in order to cause disunity that lead to similar situation that is presently troubling Russia.

White House:
These people are in America and they are working ceaselessly to cause chaos. Therefore America, be vigilant and prepare for war, so that these people will not destroy the power house of America. They are making every necessary preparation to make the power house of America desolate. If the nation did not provide conducive condition for Christianity Religion and let My fear be paramount in their hearts then, 2016 will be a year of revolution, but year of resolution for whoever fear Me and believe that I am alive, says the Lord of hosts. There is a particular animal that will try to trouble the nation. America must continue to be at high alert; I have sent this message before at the beginning of the year 2015.

Increase Securities at US boarders:
They should provide more security at the border posts and all entering point (air and sea) into the country because the generations of hell fire are very cunning and crafty. They must return to “In God we trust” and abstain from the covenant that can turn the nation spiritually to darkness. Israel and Palestine I warn both people to exercise restraint and stop shedding one another’s blood. Israel I am walking through Israel and presently. I am at a place/location called Tel Aviv. It is good for people to know God, look at the land of Israel and its environs like Jordan, Judea, Jericho, Bethlehem and Syria that I raised up for the end time generation. Why is it that people who know the truth, place it aside and take on behaviour that I, the Lord, has declared as abomination. Israel put on these conducts and the allies too hold on to them. I did not approve/support bloodshed, says the Lord of hosts. Though it is true that I had a Covenant with Israel, but:

• Though I have a Covenant with Israel, that no war will overcome or take them away from the land , but if the nation of Israel is adamant and refuses to change, if they fail to consider the pilgrims that are coming to receive My grace which I descended upon the country. Then, I will remove My Covenant over Israel, says the Lord of hosts. They should recall their memory, the past World War, what Hitler did to them, when the Covenant of war surrounds the world. What is coming will surpass the World War. Therefore they must wake from their spiritual slumber. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: He must bring forth the fruit that is worthy of repentance and (tread softly) take things easy, says the Lord of hosts. I am the One that install him in that position. If I like I can dethrone/remove him from the position, say the Lord. He must not condone thing that can stain the Land of Israel (or tarnish the reputation of the nation), says the Lord of hosts. The covenant of God will be removed if..

Once again if Israel refuses to change, I will remove the Covenant that I had with Israel, says the Lord. If I did not do it then I am not God anymore. It will happen that little city/nation that surround them will be troubling and defeating them if they didn’t change. They should remember the story of what happened during the time of Joshua Son of Nun, when the Israelites were defeated by the people of Ai because of the transgression of Achan (Joshua 7:1-5). If care is not taken, Israel will be ambushed in manners that will destroy mighty things between December 27, 2015 and April 12, 2016 says the Lord of hosts. If it does not happen then I am not God anymore.

They should be on alert so that panic events will not happen in Israel. I send this message so that the Israeli youths will be useful for the end time glory of their nation, so that the Jews too be useful and they will stop shedding the blood of people. If the Israelites change, I will extinguish the spiritual fire of the war, says the Lord of hosts. Covenant Locations in Israel and Beyond: All the locations that I have My Covenant must change, then I will fortify these holy sites/them with power because the authority will come from heaven to such places like the Golgotha, Bethlehem the birth place of Jesus Christ, the place of ascension of Jesus Christ etc., They must clean and take good care of these locations in ways that pilgrims/people will see My Spiritual hand (or feel My presence), says the Lord of hosts. • Mt. Carmel: I will ascend this mountain also and fortify it with spiritual power. • Mt. Olives: My Covenant shall descend upon this mountain and I will fortify it with power. • Church of Nativity, Mt Transfiguration and Others: Church of Nativity, Mt. Transfiguration, and others I will pass through them fortify them with power. • Mt Sinai in Egypt: I will ascend onto Mt. Sinai, says the Lord of hosts and I will destroy the covenant of generation of hell fire that is being used to defile the mountain.

All the dirt and filth that people are doing will be changed. God’s Authority will descend on all Holy Sites: I will go to every location that has My Covenant including the aforementioned places and fortify them with spiritual power between December 29, 2015 and February 17, 2016. My Covenant will judge the people that intend to turn these places to abomination. Germany Satan is making plans to cause war in this nation; the disgruntled people want to come into the country to cause havoc and wear out the Germans’ patience. Afghanistan They must be cautious and tread softly; most especially the spiritual generation that does not respect “My Will” must change, says the Lord. Guinea They recently conducted their election. I want them to provide a conducive atmosphere that will make people to fear Me. They must change from every for of unrighteousness and uncleanness.

They should change and turn to Me, says the Lord, most importantly the women using the spiritual dirty garments to worship Me must change. Every soul must change from their dirty and filthy lifestyles especially those people that are doing things that are against My Will for the nation. They must have a perfect condition for Christianity to thrive that can make the economy of the country to grow, because My face is bitter towards the sins that were entrenched in the nation.

If they change, I will fulfill in 2016 the covenant I had about 10 years ago with the country. However, if they refuse to change, I Almighty God will pass through the land with fire and Guineans shall be fearful. They will comment that incidents/accidents like these has never happen in this nation; but it will be beneficial to them if they change from the following vices like dirt, abomination, no fear of God, nonchalant attitudes, fornication/adultery, and murder. They must allow Me to reign in their hearts, because I want to perform meaningful work in their midst. The Gospel I want in the country is the one that will make sinners to repent and turn to Me. I don’t want Gospel that makes people to backslide.

If they change their glory will surpass the prior glory and it exceeds their neighboring countries. Those that are religious in Guinea should change from their dirty/filthy way and their covenant that did not honour Me the Lord because I want to pass through this nation. I will raise women that will occupy authoritative post/position and they will be vocal (or their voices will be heard publicly) in year 2016.

The covenant of flood may bother them and wreck havoc in certain areas in 2016. If they change and fear Me, I will rectify the economy of the country in 2016. Gabon I have sent messages to this nation this year that if thy produce fruits worthy of repentance, then they will receive assistance from other countries that will uplift Gabon, in ways that will affect the economy positively. Did you notice that everything I said in my messages to Gabon in 2015 are coming to pass? They must not allow idolatry that can destroy the spiritual glory of this country.

I want to uplift this nation in ways they cannot comprehend and strange things that can marvel people will be happening in this country. I want to pass through Gabon between January and April 2016. My work will start on January 21 and people will see physical manifestation of My work and I will finish My work at 3:02 pm on April 2016, says the Lord of hosts. I the Lord of hosts warn the unscrupulous people not to sabotage the economy of the country.

The people of Gabon must be honest and fear Me, because I will use fire to ruin the dishonest and their administrations, says the Lord of hosts. Saudi Arabia It will be good if they can produce fruits that are worthy of repentance because I love this country and I want my Gospel to be established in this nation. I brought Christianity into Saudi Arabia in 2015 and different denominations of Christianity will be coming into the kingdom one after the other starting from 2016, but what I really need is for them to change. Salman of Saudi Arabia: I have warned the past king, but he remained adamant and I took him away. The new King must stand on the covenant that I used to uphold the country/kingdom.

What I need from them is to change and stop tormenting people. I have lifted them up before, but they came crashing down because of their tormenting/afflictive conducts. I want them to change and create conditions that are conducive for Christianity to thrive. I did not establish this nation/kingdom to torment the world, but for rectification purposes. I want a change of heart regarding the people that has been tormented and amendment of the lives of the Saudis. It is only Me Almighty God that have the authority of judgment in this world, and not the Saudis. 2015 Hajj: What happened during the Hajj pilgrimage of this year 2015 has never happened before and it is a sign of warning from Me, says the Lord. If they did not change what will happen in year 2016 will be of a bigger magnitude.

The warning sign is for them to change from their dirty and nauseous lifestyles. Also abstain from other ways that displeases Me the Lord so that they will stop polluting their holy temple with idol. They must not uplift idol or honour them more than Me, says the Lord, that is making Me unhappy so that incident/accident that will surpass the one that happen in 2015 will not take place in 2016 says the Lord of hosts. I visit the Saudis because I love them. I did not want the death of the sinners, but for them to repent. When I look at this kingdom what I see did not satisfy Me, says the Lord. It is a pity, but if they can change their spiritual glory will radiate and it shall be well with them.