Monday, 4 January 2016

Omotola Or Genevieve: Who Had A Better 2015?

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With these two amazing Nollywood actresses having almost everything in common; from their ages, to achievements, to beauty, unyielding musical careers, die hard fans, national and international recognitions, fashion, amongst a whole lot of other competitive paradigms; it seems, no matter how much these two try, one does not totally successfully outdo the other.
Even though Genevieve Nnaji started her career before Omotola Jalade as a child actress in 1987, as against the latter who started in 1995, it is always very difficult to place one as a better option than the other; as over the years, the two actresses have competed on every level, becoming supposed enemies, even if the two have debunked such rumours.

In commemoration of the healthy competition that exists between both ladies, BroadwayAfrica brings to you the best moments of these two actresses in 2015, leaving you to be the judge of who competed better between the two in the just concluded amazing year in the entertainment industry.