Monday, 4 January 2016

How Bauchi Police Command Conspires With Bauchi State Government To Frustrate President Buhari’s Anti-Corruption War

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Since the victory of Buhari and his subsequent official inauguration on 29th May,2015 as the Nigeria duly elected president under the umbrella of the All Progressive Congress (APC).
It would be recalled that Buhari had made a stunning declaration even during campaign period that his administration will fight corruption which he had described as a cancer worried by the poverty and the unfortunate economic doldrums as a result of the twin evil of corruption.

Soon after he took over, Buhari priorities the fight against corruption with wide-range of support from the National Assembly to set the pace including various groups indicating their supports against corruption.
Similarly, fighting corruption appears to be the yardstick behind the electoral victory of APC administration in all ramifications through the party’s change mantra which was meant to provide a sense of belonging to Nigerians bedevilled by the negative scourge of corruption as enshrined in its blueprint.
Same was said to have been chorused by various APC governors, ministers as well as stakeholders in support of President Buhari to fight corruption and that brought to the fore the current investigation in relation to the current arms gate scandal against the former National Security Adviser during president Jonathan reign including many others that were said to have been involved and are currently being investigated by the EFCC.
But, this combine effort of Buhari and stakeholders appears to be facing a serious set-back in Bauchi state when recently one Yakubu Alhaji Jibrin, a general secretary of anti-corruption group in the State was arrested and arraigned in court.