Thursday, 31 December 2015

My First StrideBox

I received my first StrideBox today, and this is my unboxing post!
A little background: I was introduced to StrideBox by my former roommate, Muffy, who also runs/writes about it here on WordPress. When she first told me about it, I wasn’t sure that StrideBox was the kind of thing I’d be interested in—I had run plenty of races, including half marathons, using no gels/energy bars/drinks, and I was wary of the prospect of getting a bunch of stuff in the mail that I might not even like. Since then, I’ve decided to run a marathon and thus changed my tune a bit.

StrideBox delivers “an assortment of running accessories, gear, and nutritional products” right to the runner’s front door every month for a subscription fee of $15 each month. Each month there  are 6 to 8 products, along with information regarding how to purchase them and whether or not they’re being offered for a discounted price through StrideBox.
Now, for the fun stuff: what’s in my January box?

First up, we have “The Stride Guide” card, complete with motivational-running-in-a-sunspot-girl on its reverse and my new favorite sticker (bottom right).
For edibles, we have a Zing Nutrition Bar (below, top) in Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip (my favorite!) and some chewable PowerBar Energy Gel Blasts (bottom). The idea of a chewable gel rather than a “gooey” gel is hugely appealing to someone like me who is big on texture, but I’m not going to count anything out just yet…

…largely because one of the next items in the box is a Honey Stinger Organic Energy Gel (below, middle) in Vanilla. The other two photos below are the drink mixes, a Generation UCAN in Pomegranate Blueberry (left—I’m not the biggest fan of blueberries, but hopefully the pomegranate is the dominating flavor) and a Coco Hydro (right) dehydrated coconut water with added pineapple flavor.
Last up in the edible array is a NoGii Protein D’Lite in Chocolate Caramel Bliss (below), a bar that I’ve actually tried—and really liked—in the past, thanks to the goodies provided in the race packet for the More|Fitness Women’s Half Marathon last April (if you’re interested in running this year, it’s now open for registration!).

Finally, in the realm of running accessories and other miscellaneous items, this month’s StrideBox included a ShowerPill athletic body wipe (left—kills germs and freshens you up when there aren’t showers readily available after a race and you’ve got to ride home with other people who don’t want to smell you) and a neon yellow reflective slap bracelet—yes, I was a little too excited about that one.

An additional note worth making is that nearly everything provided in the box was either vegan, gluten-free, or both, meaning that the runner with special dietary needs will have plenty to choose from.
Needless to say, be on the lookout for my review of these products and for my next unboxing post in February! Until then, leave some encouragement in the comments below, as next week is my first week of marathon training (yikes).