Thursday, 31 December 2015

Sunday Morning Movies

The following is the result of a combination of a full night of sleep, a little too much coffee, and the rain that is currently deterring me from going on the 10-mile run my training program calls for (but, I swear, I’m going to make it out there at some point today).
Anyway, E!’s “Movies We Love” flick of the morning is the 90’s rom-com You’ve Got Mail. While watching in my slightly (read: overly) caffeinated state, I start thinking (never a good sign) and …
Movie poster from IMDB.
Movie poster from IMDB.
This classic needs a present-day update in which our cute, blonde heroine who works in book publishing receives a message from her one-in-a-million 99% match on OkCupid—he’s handsome, articulate, well-read… and, naturally, works for Amazon. (Except, probably instead of falling in love, they just continue to hate on each other and he probably bullies her company until it goes out of business and she finds herself jobless in New York City … it’s back to the Midwest she goes!)
We can call it “You’ve Got a Message” … or maybe th
ey’re on Tinder, and we’ll call it “You’ve Got a Match”—actually, it’s probably more likely that they meet on Tinder, because there’s no way they’d be more than a 35% match on OkC. You’d pay to see that in theaters, right? I know I would.

Okay, okay, maybe I wouldn’t, and maybe our heroine wouldn’t be largely based on yours truly (who, in truth, has never actually met anyone who works for Amazon, though I do work with a good number of people who work with Amazon, but I digress).
Annihilation CoverIn other news, a book recommendation for all of my fellow Lost fans out there: the first book in Jeff VanderMeer’s “Southern Reach Trilogy,” Annihilation. While there is no plane crash, nor are there polar bears smashing around in Area X (that we know of, anyway), the musings of our narrator, a biologist on the 12th expedition in to this wilderness, leave the reader with the same feeling of skin-crawling discomfort and mistrust of the rest of the team on the expedition and of Area X itself that one felt while watching Lost back in its day. I do so love-to-hate an unreliable narrator, and VanderMeer has written the perfect example of such a
 narrator in this book.

A paperback original from FSG, this book weighs in at just under 200 pages, making it a quick, yet not unfulfilling, read. What’s really cool about this series is that, in a move that is not often seen in print publishing these days, all three books will be published in 2014 (Is this the publisher moving toward a Netflix-binge model!? Perhaps! But that’s a post for another day … And, for the record, I’m a fan of decreasing the time between publication of books in a series *cough cough GRRM*). The next book in Southern Reach, Authority, is out on May 6, just in time for your summer reading needs. In the meantime, you can read a great interview with VanderMeer here (complete with animated GIFs of all three covers in the series) and enter to win a copy of the second book here.