Monday, 28 December 2015

MI Declares Who He Wants To Marry

While talking about his type of woman, during an interview with Vanguard, Chocolate City president, Jude Abaga better known as MI has revealed that before marrying any fair skin lady, he will need to see her childhood pictures first.

The rapper explains that though everyone has their phobia for different things but for him, he has phobia for so-called light-skinned girls.

With the high rate of fair skin ladies around today, MI stated he believes most of them are not natural and for him to accept any of them, he has to be sure she is naturally fair and not artificial.

According to him, “Talking about the physical side of what I want in a woman, I want my children to be tall, so, she must be tall because I am not tall. Then I don't care about complexion. If she is fair, that would be a problem because I would have to see her childhood picture to confirm if she's natural or artificial. Most ladies that claim to be fair or appear to be fair these days get unnatural means to achieve it. So, getting her childhood picture would tell me all I need to know concerning her true complexion.”