Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Osuofia's Feminine Picture Causes Stir

Wonders they say will never cease to end. This came to play as the controversial photos of two Nollywood practitioners, Nkem Owoh with Amayo Uzo Philips recently went viral on the internet.

The photo captured Osuofia putting on a feminine attire and ever since the photo went viral on the internet, the question that is still on the lips of his most fans and movie buffs is: what message was Osuofia passing with the act?

However, the embodiment of this timeless or idealized feminine nature Owoh presented on picture with Nollywood director, Amayo has continued to cause stir as one of the controversial photos ever to be shot by the star actor of 'Osuofia In London.'

The unfound truth is that the picture is from one of the movie scenes Amayo Uzo Philips is directing in Enugu State, and with an undisclosed title.

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