Saturday, 20 July 2013

Even If I Get Married At 58, Fine!- Actress Uche Obodo Explodes

Marriage has become a very serious matter of discussion amongst the unmarried Nollywood actresses these days. While those who are in it are managing or trying to get out of it, one that has not even have a taste of what that institution is all about, the pretty but stretch-marked Uche Obodo has confessed that, she is no longer bothered about marriage issue, even if it's age 58 that she gets a man of her dream, she will wait.

Hear her, 'I want to be married someday. I am looking upon God for that. There is no rush in marriage; if you rush in, you rush out. And I do not even want to rush out of my future marriage. There is nothing like age in marriage. Maturity is what counts. It is fine with me. Even if I get married at 58, fine".

You have heard it all, over to you!