Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Fans Wish Karen Igho Death After Cancer Tweet

Click for Full Image SizeSome hours back, controversial star, Karen Igho took to twitter to announce that she has a cancer. After her tweet, some fans lampooned her and started to wish her death.

The Warri, Delta State-born 2011 winner of Big Brother Africa (BBA) later poured her mind out on twitter to lamented the bad wishes some people have for her.

Few minutes after Karen purportedly tweeted the post on the internet, Nigeriafilms.com contacted her manager named Eric to confirm the cancer tweet.

We were told by Eric that Karen didn't post the tweet. He (Eric) claimed that someone may have hacked into Karen's Twitter account to post the tweet. 'As far as I know, no doctor has confirmed that she (Karen) has cancer,' Eric told Nigeriafilms.com on phone.

When questioned further on the response made by Karen over the tweet, Eric said that it may have been the hacker that was responding to the tweets.

Karen is known to use her twitter handle to tweet controversial posts, which some mostly disregard because they lack substance.

Additional information by Ibrahim Mohammed